At Transton LLC we focus on the delivery of the best quality assets and services; counting on a settled logistics system and operational structure, Transton LLC strives to facilitate every piece of information you need to maximize your profits and build a long term business relationship.

Sales & Rentals

Flatbed Trailers

At TRANSTON we inspect our flatbed trailers periodically in order to meet DOT safety requirements as well as our company’s quality standards. All of our trailers come with…

Reefer Trailers

We inspect our reefer trailers periodically in order to meet DOT safety requirements as well as to keep reefer trailers running efficiently and to repair any mechanical… 

End Dump Trailers

We offer frameless and frame type trailers that are tested to meet your rigorous hauling demands. Whether you are hauling, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, construction materials, and everything…

Other Trailers

As part of an initiative to help businesses startup and grow. Transton offers a wide variety of equipments ready to work.This way our customers avoid going through long and time consuming process to…


We specialize in flatbed trucking services. Our fleet of flatbed trucks carries everything from rebar, to coils, machinery, pipe, building materials, and more!

Built by the foundation of trust, dedication and quality customer service.


Trailer Rentals

Transton’s flatbed trailer rentals are a great way to make and save money. Leasing trailers is outsourcing the risk, more flexible and more cost-effective, which will benefit both the financial and operational sides of your business, making it a better option that buying. It can protect you in case of market uncertainties, and is great for seasonal and peak periods.

Legal Services

We do the heavy lifting becoming your operations back office, keeping your company's daily operations paperwork in check while you focus on the road. We specialize on Trucking companies across US, particularly on owners operators. We offer a wide variety of services such as company incorporation, USDOT filing, MC, IFTA, and much more...

Freight Transportation

Transton’s agents are highly trained to guide you through the process of moving your goods and get you the best rates in the market. Our number one priority at TRANSTON LLC is to coordinate and deliver the freights on timely manner and guarantee the safety of the cargo. We are proud to be able to help business owners and freight brokers with their logistics needs on a daily base.


In 2014, TRANSTON’s founder started to build his own fleet and logistics network to provide superior services and consolidate Houston’s flatbed market with a high commitment to professionalism.

 Today, TRANSTON LLC delivers high rated customer services and a reliable logistics system. TRANSTON LLC is currently expanding its fleet and services in order to help others succeed in a very competitive market as the transportation industry.

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