Dispatching & Logistics Services

Dedicated Dispatching Services

O.T.R Dispatching Services

Our team is OTR specialized, running dozens of trucks on a daily basis in all 48 states. When planning the next route. We take everything into consideration, from weather to market conditions.

Regional Dispatching Service

We serve the greater state of Texas and work with clients and over 200 brokers that allow us to provide a steady work flow to our partners.

Team Driver Dispatching Service

If you have a team of drivers or a few in your fleet, we are just the right team to have on your side. We move quite a few teams on a daily basis. We know what is needed to successfully dispatch a team driver.

Who can benefit from our services?

Our dispatching services are designed to adjust to virtually any work strategy implemented by our client. We count on over 15 years of combined experience in the trucking industry. Our expertise in the industry allow us to be versatile and accurate when it comes to dispatching trucks. Whether it is that you are just starting in the industry; you run a small fleet, and you are looking to outsource your company’s dispatching side; or simply are in need of an experienced team to support your company’s growth. We are here to adapt to your needs and act on your behalf.

Every load, route and price is run by you before booking the load. This way we make sure your company have the lowest cancellation rate, and you can work under your own terms.

Our fees are percentage based. Meaning we will charge you only the 5% of each load no matter how much it is. There are no hidden fees on our services. Plain and simple.

Our logistics team analyzes the market on a daily basis, making sure your trucks have a steady workflow and run where the market is paying best.

You don’t have to worry about your next load. We work one day ahead so that you always know where your next delivery will be. 

We provide with the updates of each load to the brokers, make the follow-up calls with the customers and make sure everyone is in the loop from the start of the trip to the end. 

Our team makes sure your company stays in compliance and up to date with the contracts and carrier packages with every load and every broker.

When you hire our services, you don’t only hire dispatchers, but also a back office. We collect all respective paperwork, such as BOLs, PODs, Work Orders, etc. And we send them to the parties involved in the process. In addition, we create the invoices and send them to the brokers or your factoring company to make sure you get paid in timely manner. 

There is no contract involved in this process. It’s simple. You only use our services when you need them. 

We do not take any credit, nor our company name shows up anywhere in the process. We work for you, and as such it remains. Furthermore, we make all phone calls, run the diligence, book the loads and everything under your company name. 

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