Lease to own trailers in Houston

Transton Lease to Own Program

Transton leasing program is design to help owner operators and small business owners to grow their business while putting their capital where it really matters. The rent to own program can be attractive to many entrepreneurs, especially those who expect to be in a stronger financial position within a few years.

How it works

    • At Transton, certain units qualify for the  lease to own program.
    • Once the owner operator decides to take advantage of the program, the first step is to advise his account manager.
    • Upon receiving the request, a Transton representative starts the process to secure a lease to own agreement.
    • Once the lease to own agreement is secured and reviewed by the account manager, it is send to the customer for review and approval.
    • If an agreement is reached between both parties, then it is time to start signing all legal documents to make the agreement official.
  • Once all the paper work is fully signed by both parties. It is time for the owner operator to start taking all the advantages of the lease to own program.
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