Lease to own trailers in Houston

Flatbeds Online Payment System

At Transton we strive to provide the best services in our industry. Our staff work day and night to get the best products out to the market so that you are worries free. We are still developing systems and products to better serve and adapt to your needs in order to lower costs and simplify the payment process. Our online payment system has 3% credit card processing fee applied to all payments. Please refer to your account manager for more details about these fees. 

Basic Unit

These units often have steel and wooden composition. Come only with the basic tools to work and are usually a little older that Heavy Duty and Premium Units.

Heavy duty Unit

Heavy Duty Units have aluminum and steel composition. These units provide all trailer tools needed to work with virtually all kind of loads. Among the tools provided one will find:

Flatbed Trailer Rental

Premium Units

Premium Units usually less than 4 years old and the body composition is full aluminum or a combination of aluminum and steel.

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